Little Field Produce


Our ancestors grew up knowing the seasons well.  Each crop grew at certain times of the year, ripening full of flavor and nutrients, enticing the palates of old and young.  Even today, nothing beats fresh!  The vitamins and nutrients contained within the fruits and leaves are fullest when first picked, dropping quickly as hours pass by.  Fresh is when the flavors are most intense.  It is a strange environment we are now accustomed to, to have produce picked weeks in advanced, often when fruits are not fully ripe, covered in wax, gassed, and treated sometimes in unnatural ways, to make the produce last longer.  It is an environment of glossed fruits and crops selected for storage and display instead of flavor.  Come join us in brining back the seasons.  No pesticides used, grown naturally, using seeds that are not GMO.  Relax, and enjoy the fresh, local produce from your personal farmers.